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Dust Suppression Cannons (HDS)


The latest Hydraram HDS-series spray cannons: advanced systems for dust and odour control during demolition, recycling or manufacturing job.

A Hydraram spray cannon is an absolute must on any demolition project or recycling site. The dust cannon produces a fine high-powered jet of water mist from its multiple nozzles. The dust particles bind with the minute water droplets it produces and fall directly to the ground, never becoming fully airborne, the dust cannon effectively ‘washes’ the dust straight from the air.

Our systems are more effective and durable than traditional systems, because less water is needed and consumed. No need to have an employee aiming a hose from the ground or suffer the resulting problems with sludge at the site and muddy machinery & vehicles.

With a dust cannon you give a more professional impression to the local authorities and environmental agencies whilst providing a cleaner safer environment for site workers, neighbouring residents & the general public.

The application of our systems are varied, from dusty demolition sites to construction sites, crushing plants, cement plants, steel plants, transfer stations, landfills and much more. Wherever there is a need to reduce airborne dust or odours the HDS cannons can help!

HDS Dust Cannon advantages:

Effective and durable when deployed on site
Wide ranging applications possible
Improves your job site environment
Increases your perceived professionalism
Satisfies local regulatory & monitoring authorities

Because each situation is different, a spray cannon can be specially made to meet your needs.
There are currently four models available in the standard range

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