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Hydraulic Breakers (FX)


The Hydraram FX-series: maximum performance and production, minimal investment and maintenance.

Years of field experience by our users in combination with the drive of our engineers has resulted in the development of the latest powerful FX-Series hydraulic breakers. The application of high-tech design using modern CAD/CAM facilities combine with special alloy steel mixtures to guarantee you get the best quality product!

Less is more!

Our Engineers and Designers believe that our hydraulic breakers have to be powerful whilst the construction must be simple. That’s the reason why Hydraram hammers have few moving parts to permit simple and easy maintenance and repair.

Fewer moving parts ensures proven high reliability.
Less maintenance and downtime provides greater productivity.

Demolition Hammer Internal Construction

The Hydraram FX-breakers are designed to be used for all breaking applications and are engineered to perform under all circumstances;

  • Breaking oversized rocks in quarries
  • Tunnelling operations
  • Trenching works
  • Concrete structure demolition
  • Slag Removal from furnace pots
  • Breaking hard & frozen ground
  • Breaking paved asphalt

No Extras! It’s all standard!

Our philosophy is to offer you a complete breaker with full options at a low cost.
That’s why our FX breakers are delivered as standard with:

Sound and Vibration proofed housings
Air Connection for under water demolition
Connection for centralised lubrication
Head mountings to suit your excavator

There are 14 models available for 0.8 up to 100 Tons carriers.

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