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Hydraulic Scrap Magnet (HMG)

HMG Hydraulic Magnet

The HMG Series Hydraulic Magnets are designed and produced for steel handling and to aid in the cleaning/clearing of ferrous scrap within demolition sites and recycling yards.

The hydraulic magnets have their own internal electrical generator for electrical energy production which is mounted directly upon the top plate of the magnet. The magnets use integral hydraulic control valves which regulate the delivered flow and pressure are able to guarantee quick and efficient functioning of the magnetized plate.

The magnet is connected directly to the excavator hammer circuit negating the need for a separate electrical generator on the excavator and therefore permitting use between multiple machines. The magnet can be fitted using chains or via a bolt-on mounting adapter for easier excavator quick-hitch operations.

The HMG Series magnets are available in 6 models which range from 830 to 1350 mm diameter.


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