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Mechanical Multi-Tyne Grapples (SG)

SGX20 Mechanical grapple on a cat excavator

The SG Series grapple is by far the most versatile and widely used pieces of mechanical equipment found on UK sites today. Our grapples are designed for use directly in place of the machines own bucket and are powered solely by the bucket linkage, no additional hydraulics are required. A brace arm is fitted to the rear shell and then a mounting bracket is welded to the underside of the machine stick to permit the correct operation of the jaws open/closing.

SG grapples are most commonly used for general site clearance and waste handling although they are also suitable for demolition duties. We manufacture the grapples with a range of tyne options, the most versatile is the standard 3 to 4 arrangement. This gives good all-round handling performance whilst maintaining a lower operating weight, important for maximising the overall handling capacity.

As well as the multi-tyne style grapple we also offer our waste grapple which comprises two bucket-like shells and is then equipped with either replaceable teeth or bolt-on cutting edges as preferred. The waste grapple may also be specified with a riddle-bar style lower shell which permits waste sorting and allows for the release of fines from bulk waste during handling/processing.

All our mechanical grapples can be specified to fit the excavator linkage directly or we can make them suitable for any type of quick-hitch system. We can also supply them with a bolt-on top mounting enabling them to be used between machines of differing connection/pin sizes by simply changing the mounting plate.


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