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Multi-Kit Hydraulic Processor (MK)

MK Processor Jaw Kits

The MK Series multi-kit processor is the premier demolition and dismantling tool for machines from 6 to 100 tonnes operating weight.

Whatever the task in hand the correct jaw set is now only 5 minutes from being ready to go to work on your demolition job site. From primary demolition and general dismantling, secondary processing and crushing, steel shearing, plate shearing all these tasks can now be handled with speed and efficiency by one tool, quickly and simply by changing the jaw kit.

The MK Series provides the operator with complete hydraulic change over of the jaw set, eliminating time consuming heavy pin removals and the need for additional personnel. Now one operator can change a complete jaw kit in under 5 minutes and be back working again eliminating hours of potential lost production over a single demolition contract.

Even the hydraulic cylinder pin has been equipped with an innovative bush and quick-change system which also eliminates heavy hammering and avoids potential injury to the operator.

The MK Series is designed for speed and power with its compact frame and powerful single-cylinder. A regenerative speed-valve circuit speeds up the cycle times further making this tool the foremost piece of equipment in your demolition arsenal!

There are 8 models available for machines from 9-100 tonnes operating weight.


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