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Nostalgia time! SED Milton Keynes 1999

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Nostalgia time! SED Milton Keynes 1999

It was the dawning of a new millennium.

Fashions were nearly as out of control as the moustaches and perms. People still managed to talk just that little bit like BBC TV documentary presenters. Here though, was the height of construction plant show heaven. Innovation abounded, and the mini digger boom was being heralded from all corners. Somewhere in amongst this 30 minutes of nostalgic plant loveliness (at around the 20 minute mark actually) is a brief glimpse of one of the first HSB/BVR Screening buckets being shown on our demonstration plot at that years show. This was the first time we had revealed it to the UK market. So grab a coffee, sit back and see if you can spot some familiar faces along the way. We unearthed quite a few old VHS video tapes in our recent move and couldn’t resist sharing this one with you, enjoy!

P.s. This is 1999, give the video a chance to warm up and get going!

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